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Quarantine Cosplay Contest

We’ve spent just over one month in quarantine due to Coronavirus, and have all been advised only to leave the house for exercise and essential trips for shopping etc. Well if you’ve got children, we’re sure you’re slowly running out of ideas and games to play to keep the little ones entertained. Well, why not have a clear out of clutter from around the house while keeping the kids entertained. In order to help cure your boredom and keep the kids entertained, we’ve decided to put together a ‘Quarantine Cosplay Contest’. All you need to do is create your own cosplay costume (and scene if you want to take it even further) as a family and share them with us! Feel free to use whatever materials you have available to yourself from around the house in order to create your costumes, from old clothes to un-used toys and get creative.

How to Enter

Enter our quarantine cosplay contest and be in with the chance of winning a FREE Family Photoshoot worth £150 by following these simple steps.

  1. As a family, create your own cosplay costumes using whatever materials, items and crafts you have available.

  2. Get an awesome snap of the family posing in their costumes.

  3. Share your picture with us on Facebook.

  4. We’ll share some of our favourite costumes.

  5. We'll announce a winner to receive the free family photoshoot!

Struggling for Ideas? Cosplay Inspiration

The great thing with cosplay is everyone can get involved, regardless of the materials you have available, all it takes is a little imagination and a bit of creativity. We’ve crawled the internet to find some simple, yet awesome cosplay ideas to get you started. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Finn, Rey & BB-8

This awesome cosplay idea comes from Victor and Julianne, a couple from Utah who cosplay as Finn & Rey. While their costumes look amazing and have definitely had a lot of work put into them. You could easily create your own awesome costume using some old clothes, a few household materials and some creativity.

Source: https://www.starwars.com/news/from-jakku-to-salt-lake-comic-con-talking-with-the-internets-favorite-real-life-finn-and-rey


This cosplay idea comes from Caroline Rodriguez and her family as they attended a Salt Lake City Comic Con in 2015. However, once again, we're sure you could achieve something similar using whatever materials you have available. Using an old duvet cover, some old clothes and some family DIY this would be a great family costume idea.

Source: https://www.oddee.com/item_99662.aspx

The Addams Family

This family decided to dress up as the Addam's Family using nothing more than some old clothes they had and some DIY from mum.

With almost no work at all, the kid’s outfits were simple and easy to create using some old clothes and they look awesome!

Source: http://www.loft3photography.com/blog/?p=14414 

Bobs Burgers Family

This family decided to cosplay as the Belcher family from popular TV series Bob's Burgers, and they smashed it.

With a little work, some old clothing and a few props, they were able to create this awesome cosplay. Yet another example of how simple DIY cosplay costumes can be super effective and look awesome.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/BobsBurgers/comments/cq326b/cosplaying_as_the_belcher_family/ 

The Simpsons

Everyone loves The Simpsons, so this family decided they would cosplay as the popular TV series family, minus Bart & Maggie. However, despite the absences, the family still looked amazing as Homer, Marge & Lisa.

Using some toy props, a little craft and some great attention to detail, the family were able to recreate The Simpsons iconic look. Dad even went as far as matching Homer’s hair, and we love it!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/TheSimpsons/comments/4vhhjq/family_cosplay_win/ 

Wayne’s World Family

Once again showing how some old clothes can easily be repurposed into an awesome cosplay costume, as this family have shown with their Wayne's World cosplay.

Creating Wayne's costume is simple, only requiring some ripped jeans, a black t-shirt and some trainers. While you might need to add a little bit of DIY craft to complete your own Lola costume. The worst part of this whole cosplay is trying to convince your little one to keep the glasses on!

Source: https://abeautifulmess.com/2018/10/waynes-world-family-costume.html 

The Avengers

Superheroes have always been a popular choice for cosplay outfits, with so many different characters from movies, comics and cartoons, the possibilities are endless.

They 'The Avengers' as inspiration and created this awesome cosplay outfit using some awesome crafts work. Using nothing more than some foam and quite a bit of awesome DIY work from dad, along with some incredible design work by mum they were able to create these awesome costumes.

Source: http://www.costume-works.com/avengers_family.html

More Complex Inspiration

While we know you probably don’t have access to endless materials in order to create your costume, we thought we’d showcase a few costumes that likely took considerably longer to create.


Where to Look for Cosplay Inspiration


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