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How Boudoir Photography Can Boost Your Confidence: Luise

Originally a copywriter; 28 year old Luise Beatriz Bispo ia is a professional model from Sao Paolo who was diagnosed with the auto-immune skin disease Vitiligo at the age of 9. As someone who has faced criticism, self-esteem issues and bullying; Luise has learnt to embrace and flaunt her body and skin condition through modelling and stripping down for lingerie shoots. We asked Luise a few questions about how she overcame the negativity she faced about her body, what has helped her gain confidence, and what allowed her to love the skin she’s in.

Part Five: Luise

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“Loving yourself is a daily and difficult process. You need to change the concept of beauty for yourself. I understood that my skin is unique and makes me special.”

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Have you had any personal struggled with body confidence? How did you overcome these?

Yes. I've suffered a lot from my complexes and people's prejudice. but I was able to overcome with the help of my family and friends and the help of therapy. I realized that I needed to enjoy my life without fear of being happy.

In terms of body positivity and confidence, what do you think makes you feel the best version of yourself?

I sought references from others with vitiligo and was inspired by the way they loved their bodies. I understood that it was okay to have colored skin and that would make me special. Feelings become spots on my body and today I find it amazing. That way I made peace with myself.

Self-love is a tricky subject for some as we all have flaws we are self-conscious of and accepting these doesn’t always happen overnight. How did you learn to love yourself inside and out and what advice would you give to anyone else struggling with body-confidence?

It took me a long time to look at my body and to accept myself. Loving yourself is a daily and difficult process. You need to change the concept of beauty for yourself. I understood that my skin is unique and makes me special.

How did you overcome any nerves you may have had when doing your first ‘boudoir’/lingerie photoshoot? Was there anyone or anything in particular that inspired you to step out of your comfort zone?

My first lingerie shoot was very special. What gave me courage was knowing that I would be representing many women with vitiligo in a beautiful campaign. Showing my body was liberating to myself. I felt more empowered and confident. our body shapes are beautiful and displaying these marks represents the celebration of real body beauty.

What advice would you give to anyone hesitant or nervous about trying boudoir or ‘sexier’ photoshoots and revealing their body?

Understand that your body is unique and special. The opinion of others is no more important than your own. love and respect yourself and discover your true.


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