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In today’s social media and digitally dominated world, photography is such a prominent factor in our daily lives. Those who appreciate the quality that comes from the people who know what goes in to creating the perfect image, will come to Vanity Studios. We appreciate that pictures are needed for absolutely everything these days; therefore we make sure we have the capability to create everything across the board! We are constantly recruiting specially skilled freelancers, planning and building sets that will work for a multitude of purposes and staying up to date with the latest in post production.


We go out of our way to make sure that all our clients’ requests are met and we very often exceed expectations. We will alter our style of photography, our set, hair and make up and editing to suit any of our many different requests. Our weekly creative meeting ensures that we keep our promise of diversity and stay on point in every department.


In the past we have been asked for campaign images to represent brands, that with the right look have gone on to expand their business’. We have created great corporate headshots for entire companies that create just the right image to outshine their competitors. We have photographed all kinds of pets from reptiles to all things fluffy! We have had generations of families in together, couples, best friends of 20 years. We have photographed glamorous grannies and magnificent mums! We are the photo studio in London that is certain to deliver.

Although each photo shoot is different, a typical session would be as follows:


Enjoy a glass of wine or alternative refreshment.



After a consultation with your stylist to establish what kind of look you would like to go for, you hair and make up will be done to an incredibly high standard. If you bring images with you of looks you like to try, our stylists can copy and adapt them to suit you. Photographic make up is a little heavier than usual to account for the lighting but be prepared for amazing results.




When you meet your photographer he/ she will start by having a look at your selected wardrobe choices. Depending on the type of shoot you are having and whether you are by yourself or with a guest, they will advise you as to what style of shoot and what backgrounds they would like to use, once you are happy they will get to work! The shoots are informal and fun and you will be directed the whole way!


Approximately 15minutes after your shoot, your images will get downloaded and will be ready to view. One of our viewing consultants will walk you through your images and the editing options available. Any images you choose will be given to you digitally the same day!


PHOTOGRAPHY: All clients are expected to bring at least four contrasting outfit changes with them for the photo shoot and you are able to bring up to six. Those coming along with a close friend, partner or family, we recommend a little coordinating with the other person/ people in your shoot. All you need to do when coordinating with others is look like you’re going to the same event! Colour coordinating can be particularly cute with families. It is important to bring these changes as we have such a variety of sets we need to make sure that you have a couple of things that work really well with them but also, your favourite dress may not be your preferred look on camera as some things translate differently. It is imperative to bring these changes to be sure you will get the results you want. Don’t forget shoes and accessories!

MANAGING TIME: Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time. Do plan ahead before travelling to the studio as typically of Central London, transport is quite often affected, particularly the roads. 

MAKE UP: When arriving at Vanity Studios we prefer that you arrive wearing no make up. This is so that when we cleanse your skin we are starting with an extremely clean base, which allows for a nicer application. It also can run your day a little longer as we have to take extra time to remove make up. We totally understand those who arrive with a small amount of make up on, but please do keep it to minimum so that our make up artists can achieve optimum results for you. 

HAIR STYLING: We completely understand those of you that don’t enjoy walking round Central London with no hair or make up on, but we strongly recommend that you arrive with no styling products in your hair and it should be freshly washed and dry. As our stylists will create a dry style on you, the use of heated appliances is not as effective with hair containing excess oils or serum and can actually really damage and dry out hair with drier products such as hair sprays and mousses. Arriving with products in your hair can limit what our stylists are able to do. If you have exceptionally curly or Afro hair and are looking for a smoother style in your shots, please remember we do have a time limit in hair and make up for our usual sessions. If you blow-dry your hair smoother before arriving at the studio, our stylists can give you a brilliant finish. 

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