Vanity Studios Ltd

7 Vestry Street



N1 7SS

Our offices are open Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm. Although the office is closed on weekends and bank holidays we will be open in the photographic studio. During this time you may be able to speak to a Senior member of the creative team. If you do attempt to contact us on the weekend or a bank holiday, please be advised that these times are very busy in the studio but the team do always try their best to answer incoming calls and they will deal with your enquiry as effectively as they can.

At Vanity Studios we understand that for many of our clients, a photo shoot is a rather grey area and many of you have no idea how to prepare or what to expect. On arriving at the studio, many of our clients ask us ‘what exactly am I doing today!’ and as much as that never fails to be amusing, we urge you to contact us anytime with absolutely any queries what so ever. It is important that you feel fully prepared for your session. If it is your first photo shoot with us, it can be rather daunting and some people are embarrassed to ask what to expect. The truth is that the vast majority of people who do not work in this industry and have not had experience in a photo studio do not know the details but we know that people would feel a lot more reassured if they did, so if this is you, please do give us a call.

7 Vestry Street, Shoreditch, London N1 7SS